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Expert Sleep Medicine provides a full range of sleep medicine services.

Our doctors will provide you with a detailed plan to best treat your sleep disorder. We offer comprehensive treatment for patients by providing the following services:

Home Sleep Testing

Home sleep testing is an effective, low-cost alternative to the standard sleep study performed in a sleep lab. Patients can pick up units at our locations throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Home use allows the unit to track a more representative night’s sleep in the patient’s own bed. It also costs a fraction of the amount of a standard sleep lab test and has a 95% accuracy for the diagnosis sleep apnea.

Clinical Sleep Medicine

Our physicians are trained to diagnose and treat a variety of sleep disturbances and sleep disorders. These disorders prevent patients from going to sleep, staying asleep, or getting poor quality of sleep. Some of the common sleep disorders we treat are obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, parasomnia, and sleep disruptions due to medical conditions, medications or other exogenous substances.

Occupational Sleep Medicine

When work demands and work schedules are unconventional, sleep disorders may be a risk. We offer a streamlined occupational sleep medicine program for companies and employees who need to identify and treat sleep disorders promptly. Once referred to our office, we take care of scheduling, setting up a home sleep test, following up with results and treatment options. Our in-house durable medical equipment supplies to our patients for convenient access. The primary goal of our program is to keep patients on the job.

Sleep Disorder Screening

No one questionnaire or survey has been shown to be superior to others when testing for a sleep disorder. Some people have a sleep disorder that is not discernible by a screening survey. These patients may need to be screened for using a home sleep test or a clinical lab sleep test. We offer screening tools to help evaluate sleep disorders in patients.

CPAP Mask Fitting

Mask fit is crucial for patients who use a CPAP machine to stay compliant and receive the best treatment from their machine. We have dedicated staff who work with patients to help them find the right mask and equipment to help ensure their experience with the CPAP machine is the best possible.

Durable Medical Equipment Supplies

We offer in-house durable medical equipment supplies. Ordering supplies for CPAP machines can be a complicated and long process, so we have worked to streamline the process and provide CPAP and BiPAP supplies to our patients in a prompt manner.

Telemedicine Consults

Our sleep experts are also available for consults through a telemedicine platform. This allows patients anywhere greater access to sleep medicine care and helps them manage their sleep disorders without barriers.

Educational Programs

Our sleep physicians also offer educational programs to teach sleep wellness to groups throughout the community.