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Durable Medical Equipment and Services

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Expert Sleep Medicine offers Durable Medical Equipment (DME) services, this means we can offer CPAP machines, masks and accessories directly to our patients newly diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Unlike general DME companies, we specialize in sleep-related services and are able to provide specific patient sleep education available for your sleep apnea and its treatment.

DME Supplies We Offer:

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may be prescribed a CPAP machine. Most insurance companies cover part or all of the cost of your machine; however, coverage varies by insurance plans. Each insurance company also has its own authorization requirements and compliance standards.

CPAP and BiPAP Machines

A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine or a Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) machine are both used to treat sleep apnea. We offer several different types of machines to our patients.

Masks & Accessories

CPAP masks come in many shapes, sizes, and materials and can be fitted based on how you usually sleep. If you regularly sleep on your side or stomach we can provide different masks and tubing that will connect to the CPAP machine and make it easier for you to sleep normally.

In addition to the masks themselves, we can provide different mask cushions, straps, nasal pillows, filters, and tubing that is required for your machine.

Compliance Requirements:

We recommend using your PAP for all sleep, as this will be the best way to treat your sleep apnea and help you feel your best. Most insurance companies have a compliance requirement for renting or purchasing a PAP machine. This means you are required to use the machine for a certain percentage of nights during a period. If you do not meet the compliance standard, your insurance won’t pay for PAP or allow you to keep the machine.

Mask Fittings:

Compliance is crucial for our patients; we also offer specialized mask fitting to help make your PAP experience as comfortable as possible. Our trained respiratory therapists will work with you to ensure you have a mask that fits to maintain proper air pressure and keep your airway open.

What is proper maintenance for my Durable Medical Equipment and supplies?

We recommend wiping out your mask every morning and emptying any residual water from the humidifier chamber.  Once a week soak all cleanable parts of PAP machine and mask in water and a mild detergent/ dish soap or vinegar and water (1:10 ratio). Rinse then let air-dry.

In addition, please review our troubleshooting resources.

How do I get replacements?

Since you will be using your PAP regularly, the accessories can deteriorate and become unsanitary. It’s important to replace your equipment to make sure your machine is clean, effective and comfortable. Most insurance companies will allow for replacements of CPAP masks, tubing and filters every 90 days.

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Please Note:

Unfortunately, under current laws, we are not able to provide sleep DME to patients who are under Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare health insurance.