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Resupply Your PAP Supplies

If you received your PAP supplies, mask, cushion, tubing, and filters from our staff when you set up your PAP machine, then we can also help with resupply of these supplies. Keeping your PAP up to date on supplies and maintenance will improve your compliance and function of the machine as well as improving sleep quality.

How does resupply work?

Most insurance plans will allow new PAP supplies to be refilled every three months. After three months, if you haven’t heard from our team and need new supplies, please reach out to our DME Coordinator at 502.963.0487 extension 1073.

To be eligible for resupply of your PAP supplies, patients must have a compliance percentage of 70% or higher over the previous 90 day period. Patients must also have a yearly follow-up to assess the effectiveness of their PAP treatment.

Once contacted, our staff will review your supply eligibility schedule to determine what is available for resupply and provide an estimated cost breakdown of the supplies. You can then decide which supplies you would like to be delivered to your home. Our staff will collect payment before sending out supplies.

Types of supplies that may need resupplied:

  • Frame
  • Cushion
  • Headgear*
  • Tubing
  • Filters
  • Water Chamber*
  • Chin Strap*

Not all supplies will be eligible every three months; some are only available every six months based on insurance requirements. Those marked with an * are only allowed every other resupply.

What if I need supplies sooner?

Most masks can be returned and switched out within 30 days if you are unable to use the one initially supplied. Any additional supplies can be purchased in between resupply dates however insurance will not cover them.