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Inspire Sleep Therapy

An Alternative to CPAP

Inspire® Upper Airway Stimulation (UAS) is the only FDA-approved implantable treatment for people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

You may be a good candidate for Inspire Therapy if you have moderate-to-severe OSA and are unable to use or get consistent benefit from Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). Our doctors will evaluate your overall health status and perform a physical examination of your airway to determine if Inspire therapy might be a suitable CPAP alternative for you.

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How the Inspire Sleep Therapy Works

Inspire is a device implanted inside the body that works with a patient’s natural breathing process. Based on your unique breathing patterns, the system delivers mild stimulation to key airway muscles, keeping the airway open during sleep.

Inspire is implanted during a short, outpatient procedure. Most patients return home the same day and can resume non-strenuous activities within a few days or as directed by their doctor.

The Inspire system consists of a breathing sensor lead and a stimulation lead, powered by a small battery. The therapy is controlled by a small handheld sleep remote which allows the patient to turn the device on before bed and off when they wake up, increase and decrease stimulation strength, and pause during the night if needed.

Inspire Sleep, Sleep Apnea solution

Dr. Robert Karman - Expert Sleep

“Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea is crucial, so anytime we have a patient who is unable to tolerate CPAP or has stopped using their machine, we look for additional treatment options that will work for them. Inspire Sleep is a promising therapy that can help patients with moderate to severe sleep apnea. We’re excited to offer this treatment to patients who can benefit.”

Robert Karman, MD
Expert Sleep Medicine

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