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Expert Sleep Equipment Resupply

If you are an existing patient and have seen an Expert Sleep doctor within the past year, please complete and submit the resupply form. We will check your insurance benefits/eligibility and follow up within 48-72 hours. If you have an immediate need for supplies, please contact Lisa at 502-429-8585 ext.1073. This resupply form is only for patients ordering supplies from Expert Sleep. Please note that we cannot supply equipment for patients who have Medicare/Medicaid. Your insurance requires you to use a specific company for durable medical equipment. Contact your insurance carrier for more information.
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New insurance information is needed so our office can check resupply coverage and eligibility.
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Please select the type of mask you currently use. If unsure, select "other" and will check your chart.
Please select the type of tubing you currently use. If unsure, please select "other" and we will check your chart.
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