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Bad Sleep

1)Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring

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2)Narcolepsy – This is an unusual condition in which individuals experience excessive daytime sleepiness and sometimes poor nocturnal sleep quality.  This mostly becomes clinically apparent in the late teens to late 20s age range.

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3)Restless leg Syndrome /Periodic Limb Movement Disorder – Along with Bruxism (teeth grinding with sleep), these are the most common movement disorders of sleep.

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4)Parasomnia – Sleepwalking, Nightmares/Night Terrors, and REM Behavioral Disorder would be among the most common Parasomnias.

REM behavior Disorder is most commonly seen in adult males.  Dream enactment and verbalization are obvious to the observer.  Dream enactment is most commonly seen as a “problem” when individuals strike out at surrounding bed partners and furniture leading to injury.

5)Sleep disruption from medical disorders – chronic pain issues, prostate, and other urinary tract issues which lead to frequent nocturnal urination, chronic hypoxia /low oxygen levels –( most commonly from pulmonary or cardiac conditions) and a number of other medical conditions.

6)Sleep disruption from exogenous substances – caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, illicit drugs, and some prescription medications all contribute.